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What is Immersive Theater






海外では、廃墟のホテルを「自由に動き回りながら鑑賞」するSleep No Moreや

アリスの精神世界を出演者に「誘導されながら鑑賞する」Then She Fellが有名です。





Immersive theater is not a traditional theater experience where the audience sits in fixed seats.

In immersive theater, the audience itself moves around the venue,

the performers perform in front of them, and the audience participates in the story as a part of the production.

It is characterized by deep immersion of the audience in the world of the story through meticulous spatial design and staging

that stimulates the five senses.


The rules of audience behavior vary depending on the work.

Overseas, there have been productions such as Sleep No More, in which the audience is "free to move around" in an abandoned hotel,

and "Then She Fell," in which the audience is "guided" by the performers through Alice's mental world.


Recently this immersive theater format getting popular among entertainment industries,

such as NEXTFLIX's "Strangerthings" promotion.

Disney World also opened immersive theater experience in the Star Wars universe.



美術館や博物館のイベント、芸術祭への出展...など いつでも、メールやDMでお気軽にご連絡ください!

If you have any vacant houses or buildings, locations or land that could be utilized, exhibitions that are considering immersive experiences, fashion shows, museum events, exhibiting for art festivals... etc. Please feel free to contact us anytime via email or DM!

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