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​Request for advance preparation before participating in the performance

We ask that you make the following preparations for this work for your visit.

Please be sure to read through to the end.


・ What to bring

・ Clothing

・ Meeting time and place

·important point


For customers who have purchased multiple tickets

We send a guide email only to the representative (purchaser).

Please be sure to forward and share it with the companions who purchased it in bulk.


The meeting place

When the meeting time comes, please gather in front of the entrance of the restaurant that we will inform you by e-mail.

* We will guide you to different meeting places for each representative (purchaser).

* The area around the venue is a public road, so we ask for your cooperation in observing manners.



・ Earphones (those that can be used by connecting to your own smartphone)

・ Wearing a mask


・ Please wear comfortable clothes and light clothes. Please refrain from short skirts and trousers that are difficult to sit on.

About luggage

・ As part of the measures against the new coronavirus, we do not keep your luggage . In addition, please refrain from participating with large luggage. (Only coats will be kept.)


・ Please put large luggage in the locker in advance and come to the meeting place on the day in light clothing.


・ In order to prevent the staff from directly touching your belongings, please put the coats in the plastic bag you will receive.


OK example:

A small pochette (one with both hands free) that can hold only valuables, a waist pouch, etc.


NG example:

Large rucksacks, large handbags, carry cases, etc.





・ Locker information

If you have a large baggage due to the schedule before and after, please use the locker near the venue.




・ Because the area around the venue is a residential area , please be sure to gather within the meeting time . Please refrain from arriving before the meeting time.

・ You can use the restroom only after the performance. Please note that you cannot use the restrooms at each restaurant, which is the meeting place.


・ The performance time is scheduled to be about 2 hours. (Performance time may change.)


・ Since this performance is being performed by the customer himself, the recommended age is for elementary school students and above.


・ We are very sorry but we cannot accept refunds for cancellations. If you wish to cancel, please reply to this email.


・ If you are late for more than 5 minutes from the start time on the day, the meeting place will be changed, so please contact [070-4222-2037 (Tamura)]. Since there is a production to move from the meeting place after the performance starts, staff may not be present at the meeting place depending on the arrival time.


About insertion

As part of the measures against the new coronavirus, we have declined to insert it .

* After the performance, we will have time to take pictures with the performers and staff, but we appreciate your cooperation.


Measures against new coronavirus

・ If you have a fever of 37.0 degrees or higher, please refrain from participating if you have a fever of 37.0 degrees or higher from 2 days before your visit.

* Cancellations and refunds are not possible.


・ Please be sure to wear a mask when you come to the venue.


・ During the performance, multiple small groups will form a group and enjoy the performance at intervals.

(It will be carried out with 50% of the maximum capacity.)


In addition, "Dramatic Dining" is implementing measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not allow customers who are infected, close contacts, or secondary contacts with close contacts.


* Please see the details below.


that's all.

Thank you for visiting us until the end.


We look forward to seeing you on the day.




Dramatic Dining


▼ Dramatic Dining ASAKUSA

Official homepage


▼ Official SNS account

・ Instagram: @dramaticdining

・ Twitter: @dramaticdining_


Please use this hashtag when posting.


#Immersive Theater




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