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Shadows of the Flowers 


2020 /11/21 - 22 @浅草観音裏・浅草見番 


Immerse yourself in the illusion of Japan's vanishing traditional culture. With the full cooperation of the Asakusa Geisha community, which has a history of 250 years, Asakusa geisha and world-class street dancers will perform together in Asakusa Kenban, the center of the geisha world and still used as a training place and office for geisha, and four ryotei restaurants scattered in the Kannon-ura area. The audience will be divided into up to 16 groups, and will tour around the Asakusa Kannonura area, where Asakusa geisha and the people who work in the Geisha world live and breathe, and inside the main venue, Asakusa Kenban. Food was to be served in each scene to match the emotions of the characters. Due to the effects of the coronavirus, special to-go food boxes were provided to match the characters.


Special Collaborators: Tokyo Asakusa Organization, Asakusa Kenban, Ryotei Miyakodori

Media / Reviews

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