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Directed at one of the world's five major fashion shows, following the Paris Collection. After a series of concept meetings with Izumi Shun, the designer of the handmade clothing brand "shizumi,"  we directed the fashion show for the new collection. Inspired by the design, which are all handmade and uniquely painted to express people's emotions, we incorporated the emotions of people overflowing in the sleepless night into the fashion show. The show consisted of three parts under the theme of "The Door to the Nightmare". The show left a lingering impression that made us want to ponder the meaning of the title of each piece after the show.

Media / Reviews

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美術館や博物館のイベント、芸術祭への出展...など いつでも、メールやDMでお気軽にご連絡ください!

If you have any vacant houses or buildings, locations or land that could be utilized, exhibitions that are considering immersive experiences, fashion shows, museum events, exhibiting for art festivals... etc. Please feel free to contact us anytime via email or DM!

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